Videos should be 4-5 min. long. 
If your video is longer than 5:10, we'll ask you to trim it down.

Pro Tip: If you have more to say on one topic than fits in 5 minutes, separate your main points, and make 2 or 3 videos in a series.


Select a topic from the drop-down menu. These are terms that are highly-searched on YouTube because the mainstream media is ignoring them.

You can also submit a Voter Video. Make your voice heard on an issue you will be voting on in an upcoming race.

Sign on

For channel consistency, every video should start with a Sign On, then make a Topic Statement:


Hello, and welcome to The Zach Affair, a YouTube Channel by the people, for the people.
My name is [Name], and I am a voter in [City, State].


This video is about [Topic]. I'm going to tell you about [Topic] because...


Once you've made your point, you should briefly Restate The Topic and end with a Sign Off:



That was my take on [Topic]. You should know this about [Topic] because [why you made this video]. 


Thanks for watching The Zach Haller Affair, my name is [Name]. Be sure to Share this video, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more media by the people, for the people.

Content requirements for videos are as follows:



YouTube Content Policy:

Videos cannot contain any type of copyrighted music, logos, or other restricted material.

Review the full Guide to YouTube Removals here. 

FCC Broadcasting Policy: 

In addition to standard FCC rules, videos must not contain false information or intend to cause harm.

Review the full FCC Guidelines here.

"By The People, For The People" Policy:

Content should address issues facing the working class in a way that is productive to voter education and constructive in nature.

The best videos will call for accountability from individuals or groups within the political and media establishments ("the 1%").

The Zach Haller Affair reserves the right to edit or revise videos to maximize impact and maintain channel consistency.